Free Android App to find the phone in silent mode


Ever misplaced or lost your phone? Android Device Manager locates lost devices and helps you keep your device—and the data inside it—safe and secure.If you forget to lock the mobile Release the lock can be without reset mobile,If you remove all of the files saved on your mobile phone theft.Your mobile phone can be locked  the online,Very quickly, we can understand that there is any place on your mobile. Android Device Manager lets you:

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Best Android Developer

Android Developer is a series of mobile software development-focused events around the world held annually by Google. They include bootcamps and technical sessions focused on Android and give participants an excellent chance to learn about the state of the Android platform, get hands-on with the latest version of the SDK, test applications on the latest sample Android devices, get questions answered by Google engineers from the Android team as well as meet other like-minded members of the local Android developer community. Continue reading “Best Android Developer”

What is Mobile phone developer?

Mobile phone developer is a term used to denote the act or process by which application software is developed for mobile devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones. These applications can be pre-installed on phones during manufacturing platforms, or delivered as web applications using server-side or client-side processing (e.g., JavaScript) to provide an “application-like” experience within a Web browser. Application software developers also must consider a long array of screen sizes, hardware specifications, and configurations because of intense competition in mobile software and changes within each of the platforms.[1] Mobile app development has been steadily growing, in revenues and jobs created. A 2013 analyst report estimates there are 529,000 direct app economy jobs within the EU 28 members, 60% of which are mobile app developers. Continue reading “What is Mobile phone developer?”

Android Dev Phone

The Android Dev Phone is a SIM-unlocked and bootloader unlocked Android device that is designed for advanced developers. While developers can use regular consumer devices purchased at retail to test and use their apps, some developers may choose not to use a retail device, preferring an unlocked or no-contract device. The Google Nexus series has now taken the role of “development phones”. Continue reading “Android Dev Phone”

Free Android App to get Free TalkTime

Earn Talktime makes it easy to earn free recharges for downloading the best free android Apps and for data usage for surfing Apps. Now, send free SMS from EarnTalktime.

Also earn for reading horoscope, tarot, bollywood gossips, filling surveys etc from your mobile earn talktime is the first app to give you unlimited mobile prepaid recharges, DTH top-ups, postpaid bill payments and much more.

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Free Android App to send Funny Photos

Fun Photo Fake Images is an application for Android that works pretty much like an image editor, as it is able to resize them and use templates ready for you to frame your face.

The new version of the fantastic Face Fun – Photo Collage Maker hit the market, to entertain you even more.

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Free Android App to Use Smart Phone as a CCTV

Track View turns your Smartphone, tablets and PCs into a connected mobile video surveillance & monitoring system with location tracking, event detection, alert and cloud recording capabilities.If you are a person who has family and spends all day away from home on account of his work, it’s likely you’ve been feeling apprehensive and suspicious with what happens at his residence. After all, you are far away, isn’t it? Continue reading “Free Android App to Use Smart Phone as a CCTV”

Free Background Eraser Android App- Background Eraser

This is an application for cutting pictures and for making a picture’s background transparent. The resulting images can be used as stamps with other apps to make a photomontage, collage. it’s very important to make a picture’s background transparent accurately.if you want to superimpose photos and make good composite photos.By using this app, you can do it better. Continue reading “Free Background Eraser Android App- Background Eraser”